San Diego Diaries

Took a quick trip to Old Town San Diego a few weeks ago.  I like exploring areas that are kid, family and adult friendly!   We spent the day walking around in Fiesta de Reyes located in Old Town San Diego.  There was live dancing, great food, shopping, and great history to learn about.   

Camilla enjoyed her favorite, which is ice-cream and watching the live folklorico dancing.  I would definitely return and venture out a bit longer.  

Dress: Luxe (Bardot Gingham Dress)

Sandals: Dolce Vita

Here we stopped in Oceanside to have breakfast.  I was trying to get a shot in with Camilla, but she wasn't having it.

Here we stopped in Oceanside to have breakfast.  I was trying to get a shot in with Camilla, but she wasn't having it.

Catalina Diaries

Catalina Island is one of my favorite places to visit.  I took my mom and Camilla recently and we had a beautiful adventure.   What I love about Catalina is that its kid friendly, beautiful and quaint.   Camilla can roam the streets freely. This time around I took a different approach, more of a do as we please kinda mood.  So nothing was planned, only the hotel was booked ahead of time.  It was my first time bringing a toddler, so I had to be prepared for that.   Meaning Camilla gets a little motion sickness.  The way over to the island was hard for her, but I figured it out on the boat ride back on what works for her.  Which was taking her outside for a bit and just distracting her.  We take the Catalina Express, I suggest purchasing the Commodore Lounge tickets.  Only because it makes your hour ride easier, a free drink voucher is offered, guaranteed indoors, and you are able to board before everyone.  The best part, if you travel on the Catalina Express on your exact birthday,  your trip is free, round trip!

I always do my research on the Visit Catalina Island website.  For events going on, packages, hotels and more.  We decided to stay at the St. Lauren Hotel.  The hotel is super cute, the staff was amazing and it was only a bit up the hill, walking distance away from the beach.  Walking is a must the minute you arrive.  Everything is walking distance so no need to worry about renting a car or golf cart should I say.

Catalina is more for food, relaxing and adventure.  The shopping they offer is more of a souvenir type and some local merchandise.  I'm proud to say no shopping happened during this trip, but tons of eating did.  Maggie's Blue Rose, has a great happy hour and great Mexican food.  The service was a bit off at the end but I'd still recommend it.  Plus it has some cute patio seating and fun atmosphere.  Interesting fact about Catalina Island, is that it doesn't have any fast food chain restaurants.  Another easy idea is to stop at the Von's Market and purchase snacks and food for the kiddos to make it easy.   On our last day there, we had a delicious breakfast at Original Jack's Country Kitchen.  It gets super busy in the morning, about a 20 minute wait, but worth it.

The only must I recommend is taking a tour or booking an adventure, wether its diving, zip lining  or a boat ride.   We usually book a tour by the Catalina Island Company, also on the Visit Catalina Island website.  I found out some tours don't allow kids under five for safety reasons, make sure to ask.   The 50 minute, Skyline Drive Tour, does allow children under five and it was perfect for little Camilla.  She loved every minute of it and got involved in the action buy participating with everyone and our guide.  There is a whole another side to the island, more for camping for those whom enjoy the wilderness.

Some quick tips I suggest for making this mini-getaway easier, especially with children.

1.  Pack some snacks, everything is more expensive in the island

2.  Bring a light jacket for you and your kiddos, it gets cool at night

3.  Bring your walking shoes, no need for cars here

4.  Pack light, since there is more walking, you'll thank me later

5.  Have fun

Jacket: Target

Shorts: Luna B Boutique

Shoes: Vans

Top: American Apparel

A much needed break from reality is always nice.

Body suit: Amuse Society at Luna B. Jeans: Pistola at Luna B.

Body suit: Amuse Society at Luna B.

Jeans: Pistola at Luna B.

Walking around Catalina, this place is called Divers Cove.  Where all the diving happens

Jumpsuit:  Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters Sandals: Dolce Vita

Jumpsuit:  Kimchi Blue at Urban Outfitters

Sandals: Dolce Vita

Camilla enjoying what she does best, playing in a new and cool playground we ran into.  This playground is located in the center of the city.

Camilla enjoying what she does best, playing in a new and cool playground we ran into.  This playground is located in the center of the city.

Camilla' s first tour! She was super excited, she was even blowing kisses

Camilla' s first tour! She was super excited, she was even blowing kisses

This was captured the last day,  right before our boat arrived

This was captured the last day,  right before our boat arrived

Jacket: Target

Bodysuit: Amuse Society at Luna B Boutique

Hight-waisted Jeans: Luna B Boutique

Shoes: Vans

Post Card view from Catalina.  This picture was captured during our Skyline Tour

Post Card view from Catalina.  This picture was captured during our Skyline Tour




Blazen through Summer

Always and forever I'll be a blazer girl.  Since my days as a retail manager at Express and United Colors of Benetton, blazers have been my go to.  The boyfriend blazer is my favorite style at the moment especially since blazers have the tendency of making one feel constricted.  My white blazer is from Zara, of course.  Zara is one of the places that has the best suits and right now they still have their annual summer sale.  

A blazer will always up your style game.  Sometimes I don't have the creativity to put an outfit together.  My formula is to combine some basics and just add a blazer to finish the look.  Especially if the look is casual like mine below, makes it a more polished look for a day of running errands or just running around.  

Not all blazer are long sleeve, hot and stuffy.  Many brands carry short sleeved jackets with light fabrics.  I'm also loving the long length on my white blazer, give it an 80's vibe and covers up when wearing short shorts.  Just because we're mom's doesn't mean we have to tone it down.  Have a bit of fun dressing up, mom's are still allowed to have too!

Camilla is wearing

Top: Zara

Shorts: Zara

Sneakers: Converse at Nordstrom

I'm wearing

Blazer: Zara

Bodysuit: Owl & Fish

Denim shorts: Luna B Boutique

Sneakers: Adidas Gazelle

Jewelry: DTLA Jewelry District, DM if interested 

Camilla wanted to join in last minute.  lol

Camilla wanted to join in last minute.  lol

Blazer: Zara (sale)

White bodysuit: Owl & Fish

Denim shorts: Luna B. Boutique

Sneakers: Converse at Nordstrom

Puma Girl

Working out is part of my life style....  I've become a PUMA fan, and started using their sneakers to work out, mainly with weights. These mint green Pumas are perfect for every day use, coincidently enough, they are my favorite color!  ASOS always has the leading styles with great price points and most importantly carries Puma.  I know running after Camilla is exercise in itself, but putting in the extra effort for more helps me out with my energy level.  I try to work out at hours when everyone is asleep, which is early in the morning for me.  For mommies out there struggling to get motivated and work out, I feel you.  

Here are some tips that help me on making it to my workouts;

1.  Get your work out gear ready the night before.  Make sure you make it cute, for motivation purposes!

2.  Get a work out partner or partners, that way you feel committed and would feel bad if you tried to cancel

3.  Have a goal in mind, wether its weight goal, body type goal, inches off the weight, or you just want to have a healthy life style.

4.  Try to incorporate active activities with your child.  I try to take Camilla to different parks in Orange County, so she can run free, and I run after her.

5.  Find a type of exercise you enjoy.  It took me a while to find my perfect fit.  I tried, soul cycling, cross fit, running, along with many others.  You won't get motivated unless you like what you are doing,  just like anything in life.


Lastly have fun!


Hoodie: PUMA at ASOS

Leggings: PUMA at ASOS

Mint Green PUMAS: PUMA

Blue Ruffles

As Mother's Day approaches, I can't help and think about my new life with my daughter.  Never in a million years did I imagine being a mom or that I even had the mommy gene.  But as cliché as it is, the minute I had little Camilla in my belly, my world changed and she became my everything.  She ignited a fire, I thought I had lost and in my dark times she has become my light.  To her I dedicate this post.  Because of her I'm smiling now more than ever and although as mommies we go through so much emotionally and physically.  I feel I'm at my best physically because of her.   Hence my amazing blue top and white jeans!  

This year I'm celebrating Mother's Day, helping host a Mother's Day Luncheon at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano, for The Catholic Charities Auxiliary.  This organization is close to my heart, as I've been a part of it for four years.  Being a Mexican inspired theme, I'm super excited to sport my blue ruffled top.  I've been loving the off the shoulder and ruffled trend for a while now, and its so easy to find everywhere.  My top shops to find these trends are ASOS, Zara, Bloomingdales and Luna B Boutique.  

Mother's Day is a dress to dress up be celebrated and feel great as every day.  If wearing a dress is not your thing.  Try a beautiful top with a nice pair of jeans, trust me it will do wonders.  Hope all my super mommies have a wonderful Mother's Day and get a bit inspired by my look.

blue top 6.JPG

Top: Bloomingdales at Outlets of Orange

High-waisted jeans: ASOS

Black Sandals: Dolce Vita

Mother's Day Luncheon

10AM Friday May 12, 2017

El Adobe, San Juan Capistrano

Donation:  $43.00 for CCA Members, $48.00 for Non-Members

Reservations:  Make checks payable to CCA, Chapter IV V

Mail Checks to Teress Weber, Reservation Chair

30291 Via Festivo, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(Questions? 949-488-3872)


Spring Whites

White White White, I love white, if I could wear white every day I would.  But yes white can be tricky.  This little ensemble I snatched up at ASOS.  High-waisted white denim with a ruffled cropped top.  Perfect for a bride to be or just a girl that wants to have fun at a day event.  Finish it off with a bold red lip color or any bold color and you're set to turn heads.  

Sometimes we need a reminder from the universe of our beauty.... 

I recently visited some of my closest friends in Dallas and this outfit was perfect for our brunch date!  It was tricky wearing all white with Camilla but I managed.

Top: River Island Ruffle Shoulder Crop Top, ASOS

White high-waisted denim: ASOS

Sandals: Lola Shoetique

Lip color: Kat Von D at Sephora

Como La Flor

Spring is finally upon us and what screams spring, other than a nice floral print?  Took off some much needed time off social media and was able to focus on my blog!  I'm excited to share some new images with you and what I've been working on.  My Rosita tee by Raggedy Tiff was so much fun to style.  I love that its black, because with Camilla apparently white is out of the question.  

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.  New season, pastel and bright colors, my birthday, new beginnings, and it marks one of my favorite female singers birthday.  I grew up listening to Selena Quintanilla and watched how ones dreams, even as big as they are, can come true.  I was that girl and well still am that girl that knows all the lyrics to her songs and wanted to duplicate all her outfits.  Her songs like "Como La Flor", "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" or "Amor Prohibido"  are some of my favorite.  These songs still dominate the radio waves and yes I still blast the volume on high when one comes on and dance with my little Camilla.

I remember vividly the day her tragedy happened, I was in Texas.  I was in Jr. High at the time and as soon as my last class was dismissed.  The news spread like chismes do during a family holiday gathering with all your tias.  I was in disbelief, how could a good person that inspired many, go through something so horrible? I kept on following her story and I still follow it till this day.  My father, some times a poet, of his many talents, wrote a poem to her from me.  We danced to her song "La Carcacha" at my sister's Quinceañera, got the crowd going needless to say.  I saw her as a girl like us, one of the family and I feel thats why millions morned her death and her legacy continues to inspire millions today.  

It makes my heart happy to see designers like Raggedy Tiff create collections, like her Rosita Collection aside from other work she has created inspired by Selena.  I love to see little girls now have elaborate Selena birthday parties.  This blog post is in memory of Selena and the inspiration she has given me and many little girls.

Rosita Tee: Rageddy Tiff by Jessica Resendez  "Rosita Collection 2017"

Shorts: Pistola at Luna B

Thigh high suade boots: Lola Shoetique


The best part about styling a tee is that it goes with anything.  Pair it up with a great pair of shorts or add a blazer to dress it up.  Lately I've been wearing tees, so its nice to have many options.

This is 36

I turn thirty-six today and although for the past years in my thirties I've worried about aging and if I'm where I want to be in my thirties?  Getting older can get overwhelming and worrisome to a certain extent.  Especially as I"m now closer to my forties....  ahhh!  Well I decided to let that go, aging is part of life, so might as well embrace it.  

This is 36 for me.  I'm a somewhat a new mom, I only have a year and seven months under my belt.  Thus far its my biggest accomplishment and joy.  I try to be the best mom I can for my little C.  I love everything and anything that has to do with fashion.  I'm a Latina blogger that wants to teach and inspire women to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to styling themselves.  I'm an extremely hard worker, whatever the task is I'm your girl.  I sell jewelry as a side business from, the  Los Angeles Jewelry District.  I workt at El Maguey Restaurant, and love to eat chilaqules all the time.  I'm co-owner of Taco Chop Catering, best top-shelf catering of Orange County.  I'm a volunteer for various organizations through out the years, but mainly now for The Catholic Charities of Orange County Auxiliary.  We are getting ready for our biggest fundraiser, Friday May 12, stay tuned.  I love to work out early in the mornings.  Trust me its difficult to get up early, but I make it.  This is me at 36. 

Thirty-six for me means new beginnings, new challenges, new dreams.  Embrace your age and be the warrior that you are meant to be for yourself.  Your kids will think you're the coolest mom on this earth!  What does your birthday mean to you?

My vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and my Jordache denim shorts were the perfect outfit.  To go out and have some birthday fun with Camilla.   We decided to head to a kids pizza place, where we could all let our inner child out.  We found this colorful wall and had to have a mini photo session.  I really do need more energy for my little sidekick!  Her cool sweatshirt came from Cotton-on kids.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, this brand has the best pieces for kiddos.  

I'm wearing;

Mickey Sweatshirt: Captain's Helm in Oceanside

Shorts: Jordache purchased at Captain's Helm in Oceanside

Eyewear: Ray-ban

Sneakers: Puma Outlets at San Clemente

Camilla is wearing;

Mickey sweatshirt: Cotton-on kids

Shorts: Carter's

Sneakers: Puma at Outlets at San Clemente

Cherishing my inner child with Camilla  

Cherishing my inner child with Camilla  

Warrior Princess Tee: Purchased at the We All Grow Latinas Summit in Long Beach @en_tuszapatos

This is 36 for me, I hope its as colorful as mine!

Spring Blues

Just wanted to write a quick blog post about this up coming week.   The We All Grow  at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach, is just a few days away, and I am extremely excited to attend this year.  I’m excited to see and hear all the guest speakers.  I’m mostly excited to connect with old friends and new friends.  


Preparing and dressing for these types of events can be challenging….  I wanted to share a combination that is very easy and effortless to wear.  My blue cold shoulder top, paired up with a some skinny jeans is a perfect combination for these types of events.  Effortless is the keyword while still looking stylish.  Nordstrom and Zara are great places to find cute tops for all body types.  My skinny jeans are from Luna B Boutique by Pistola.  This brand actually makes great jeans and seem to be my favorite at the moment.  Finish it off with some comfy sandals, because you will be doing a lot of moving and shaking!  Oh and of course don’t forget your bold lip color.


I hope to see and meet many of you at the summit!

Blue blouse: BP at Nordstrom

Skinny Jeans: Luna B Boutique by Pistola

Sandals: Dolce Vita at Nordstrom

Lip Color:  Mac Cosmetics

Stepping into Spring

Flowers are booming, florals & pastels dominating on the runways, and April showers seem to have come early this year!  Spring is nearing and I can’t wait to pull out my fun flirty dresses.  Especially with this navy blue Chinese inspired embroidered number, I snatched on ASOS.   ASOS seems to still be my go to and be on point when it comes to styles and price points.  I fell in love with my little blue number.  I love the bell sleeves and the embroidery.  This dress is prefect for any day event.  I wore mine for a Podcast Launch party for Women who Misbehave.  The dress was a hit, and if you haven’t listened to this podcast, you’re missing out!


What I love about this dress, is that it fits most body types.  Check out ASOS if you still haven’t, I’m sure you’ll find a dress to your liking for your next event.

Skater Dress: ASOS

Sandals: Lola's Shoetique

Eyewear: Ray-ban

Camilla is Wearing

Dress: Baby Zara

Boots: Old Navy

Bows: Nordstrom

Monochromatic Vibes

Happy New year everyone, after a busy new years working then taking a much needed family vacation, visiting my parents in Texas.  I figured its time to get organized and rework my wardrobe. On a major effort to save more and spend less, I will have to reinvent and reuse my outfits!  An easy way to reuse some of my pieces is using them in a monochromatic manner.  This is one of my favorite ways to style and hide some unwanted areas!


H&M is huge on offering many different pieces in the same color scheme and prices are very affordable.  Both of my main pieces on this outfit are from H&M, (top and bottom).  I added tights from Target.  Target always has great stocking, tights and other accessories.  One tip I can offer is, the colors don’t have to be exact, its okay if they are a little off.  Of course don't stray off the tracks too much, like mixing a dark pink with a neon pink!  My top, skirt and tights are all different tones but are in the same color palette.  


Navy and Burgundy always go well together, so it was easy to add my jacket from Zara.  Finished the look with my military inspired boots, found at Nordstrom for only $100 bucks.  I fell in love with this pair only because I can chase after Camilla and not get tired.  Don’t forget to add your lip color for a pulled together look.  Its a very simple style but as a working mommy, I think its perfect and an easy way to look put together.  As most of us mommies know, sometimes can be draining to pull off.  Crossing my fingers to stay on my saving money path!  Wishing all of my mommies luck on your New Years resolutions this new 2017!

Top: H&M Other similar top

Skirt: H&M (found it on sale $15)  Other similar skirt

Tights: Target

Booties: Nordstrom (Madison Lace-Up Boots)

Coat: Zara

Lip Color: Mac Cosmetics

NYE Glam

This 2016 was filled with excitement, new ventures, new friendships, a few sad moments but at the end I’m always thankful for everything that comes with life.  Especially my little amazing family.  With my vision board in tact for this 2017, thanks to Super Mamás and their Vision Board Posada.  What a great idea by the way to have!  Loved meeting all my cyber mommies and being surrounded in such a positive atmosphere.  I look forward and seeing what this year has in store for the Super Mamás.


During my childhood I remember my parents, both of them always taking us to pick up bread before we headed to our grandparents home.  Conchas the white ones and pan de puercito (bread in a pig shape) were my favorite.  This memory I hold dear to my heart, because it meant family time, and for that moment everything stood still and it was a pure moment of happiness.  This is the way I like to remember my grandmother.  She brought so much light and love into our lives, so you can understand how difficult it was with her loss this year…. Hence my sad moment mentioned in the beginning.  But without damping the mood, her memory will live on through her family and can’t wait to tell Camilla about her.


The moment I saw the puercito t-shirt created by Raggedy Tiff by Jessica Resendiz, I had to have it.  Almost like this shirt was created for me and girls like me.   Seems like my treasured moment as a child was brought to life on a permanent basis.  Thank you Jessica for bringing back a memory and making it stand still for me.  


The best part is that its a t-shirt, so its mommy friendly.  I wanted to glamorize it and bring in this new year with an outfit that made me happy.  The midi skirt was an inexpensive item purchased from ASOS.  Paired it up with my red sandals and leather jacket for a bit of edgy effect.  Hope all my mamas find an outfit that has comfort, happiness and glamour!  To an amazing 2017, wishing everyone a year filled with love, dreams coming true health and most of all pure happiness!

Puercito t-shirt: Raggedytiff by Jessica Resendiz

Midi Skirt: ASOS Out of Stock but I attached the link for other midi skirts

Red Sandals: Nasty Gal

Jacket: Thomas Wylde


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Blessed Day

This post a bit late, well a few months late….  But I still wanted to finally share Camilla’s Baptismal photos.  It was a wonderful day filled with love, family and friends.  Her special day was held at The Mission Basilica of San Juan Capistrano.  This is a very special location for the Garcia family.  My husband & Camilla’s godmother were baptized in this location.  My husband and I also received the sacrament of Marriage in this church. So as you can see, this location has a special meaning to our family.


We were extremely happy to have both sides of our family present for this special day.  Most of all we felt very blessed and lucky to have Christina and Eddie as her godparents.  Since day one both of them have been by Camilla’s side, giving her love and guidance.  Thank you to both for the love and joy you bring to her daily.  Thank you to both our family and friends for always being there for us, babysitting, even offering and just loving her.  


Hope you guys enjoy a glimpse of our blessed day.

Camilla wearing her custom crown from Myriam's Flower Shop, San Juan Capistrano

Camilla wearing her custom crown from Myriam's Flower Shop, San Juan Capistrano

With Grandma Rojas lighting the candle

With Grandma Rojas lighting the candle

The Godfather

The Godfather

With Mommy

With Mommy

Its official Eddie & Christina are the Godparents

Its official Eddie & Christina are the Godparents

With the Rojas Clan

With the Rojas Clan

With the Garcia Clan

With the Garcia Clan

With our Jessica

With our Jessica

The Godparents

The Godparents

Pumpkin patching

Saying I love the pumpkin patch is quite an understatement!  I think I even love it more than little Camilla.  This year we visited Pumpkin City in Laguna Hill two times, and both times were just as fun.  Pumpkin City is not a huge pumpkin patch, but I feel it's the right size for our little family.   We were able to watch Camilla run around safely and ride a pony, which she seemed to become a fan of.  

For Camilla’s first outfit, I was inspired by kids dressing themselves, which magically always looks whimsical and “put together” even though it really isn’t.  This always involves mixture of patterns, colors and styles!  My favorite part are her little water boots from Cotton On Kids.  This look pretty much works with anything you have at home.  The tutu,  I had from her birthday party, so that worked out.  Just add a sweater and a pair of leggings, a pretty bow and your set for the cutest most whimsical pictures ever. 

The second time we visited I just stuck to denim on denim for the family picture.  I feel its very easy for everyone to do.  I’m sure most of you have denim laying around.  I just added some little ears from Top Shop and her little boots from Old Navy.  Denim on denim also goes with the theme and you can’t go wrong that.  Add a pair of ears of choice to add that Halloween feel.  

I hope Camilla’s looks inspire your pumpkin patching looks. I can’t wait to see all the little outfits from you guys.  I’ve been following many on Instagram and they are all adorable.  

Sweatshirt: Cotton On Kids

Tutu: gifted,  I believe it was purchased at a swapmeat

Leggings: Cat & Jack collection at Target

Headband: Baby Gap

Denim on Denim

Fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us. I'm sitting here patiently waiting for those brisk nights and cool mornings, but in the mean time I'll indulge in all the California sun.  By taking advantage and wearing some thigh highs with a little denim on denim action.

Denim on denim is a quick and easy way to style an outfit and look put together, especially for a mommy.  Most of the time the denim shades don’t even have to exactly match.  My button down is from Luna B Boutique is a lighter shade than my shorts.  The denim blouse is perfect as a basic piece, I see myself wearing it with jeans or a cute denim skirt.  I love the fabric, its light and comfy perfect for year round.

When shopping for a denim blouse I suggest purchasing one with comfort instead of a very fitted one.  If you're not too crazy about shorts try paring your blouse with a skinny jean or a fitted denim skirt.  Most stores have a designated denim section now.  Luna B Boutique, H & M and Zara have great denim sections. Happy denim chasing!

By the way if you're in the Orange County area, save the date October 8, 2016.  Catholic Charities of OC, a charity I've been a part of for a few years now, is participating in the 2nd Annual Shopping Extravaganza of Outlets of San Clemente.  Click on link below for tickets and more info.  I promise it will be a fun day of shopping while giving back.


I'm wearing;

Denim Blouse: Heritage Shirt at Luna B Boutique

Denim Shorts: Zara

Choker: Owl Fish

Boots: Lola Boutique

Buy your tickets at 2nd Annual Extravaganza

Don't miss out on a day of shopping for Charity!

Dancing to "If your happy & you know it"

Dancing to "If your happy & you know it"

Camilla is wearing;

Denim blouse: Zara Kids

Shorts: Carters

Botties: Tucker + Tate at Nordstrom

Bow: Gap Baby

Boot Weather

Hi my shoe lovers.  Finally  the weather is cooling down, well a bit.... Which means  I'm ready for my tall mocha lattes, cozy sweaters, Fall Fashion Week, and boots!  I'm a huge Steve Madden fanatic, but when I was introduced to Lola Shoetique, I quickly changed my mind.   I found out about to them a few months ago while shopping in DTLA.  Lola Shoetique offers great shoes for half the price of a Steve Madden pair.  Don't get me wrong I love Steve Madden but I'd rather pay half the price if I'm getting the same product.  Sorry Steve Madden, but I'm a mommy now.  

I love love boots but I feel I have to always spend about $200 to get a decent long lasting pair.   These past few years I've refrained from a purchase so huge for a pair of boots.   These swifty thigh-high boots are suade, soft and were only $100.   "These boots are made for walking" especially after Camilla.  

A pair like these, can be worn with with bascially anything.  Your summer short dresses can be transformed in the fall with a pair of thigh-highs.  Shorts can still be transitioned into the fall by just adding boots to cover up from the cold.  Don't feel like wearing a pair of heels for date night?  Me either!  These boots will still make you feel sexy, fun and give your ourfit a complete make over.  I'm super exited for the this fall season in general my Elusive Rebel boots from Lola Shoetique is just the icing on the cake.  Trust me once you check them out you'll get hooked and get more than one pair. 

I'm wearing;

Dress: Zara

Boots: Lola Shoetique

Lip Color:  PenYaColor

Image from Zara website

Image from Zara website

Image from Lola Shoetique

Mini Road Trip

This past week we took a mini road trip to Ocean Side, CA.  My husband and I sometimes spontaneously like to take trips with our little Camilla and just explore California.  I love showing Camilla new things, sure she is too young to remember.  But that initial reaction to new things, is something fabulous to experience with Camilla and I recommend it to all moms.

I love to visit a re-sale store in Oceanside named Captins Helm.  I always find one of a kind pieces for great prices.  This time I found a pair of Jordache shorts, a couple of scarves and a vintage Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.  Captins Helm has men's clothing as well and now children's'.  I promise you will find something for a reasonable price.  If not you can always enjoy a cup their locally coffee selection.

After our shopping stop we headed to grab a bite to eat at Barrel Republic.   Craft beer and great food is always a win win situation.  We were even lucky enough to meet the owner and have his service personally.  Barrel Republic is a self-serve beer brewery with plenty of beer to choose from along with wine and coffee.   Our meal was exceptional and yummy, Camilla enjoyed a custom kids platter by the chef.  I highly recommend this brewery.  Take a trip to Oceanside and enjoy the scenery, you won't be disappointed.


Camilla is wearing;

Fringe Top: Lil Devil's Boutique in Long Beach

Shorts: Carter's (gifted)

Golden Sneakers: Converse (gifted)

I'm wearing;

Top, Shorts, Short sleeve duster, & sneakers: Zara

Crossbody bag: Kate Spade at Nordstrom Rack

Choker: Owl Fish

My look was inspired by the 90s and my favorite Kardashion, Kourtney.  I did grow up in that decade after all.  Adding a choker can spice up your look.   You don't have to get all fancy, just wear something super casual and add a lacey, velvet or just a plain choker will do.  I would say its a more modern take on a decade,  which I had tons of style dont's!  


When you find mommy & daughter matching vests at Target!

Picture taken in San Juan Capistrano.  We recently moved  back to San Juan Capistrano and have found a new love for this cute town.

Picture taken in San Juan Capistrano.  We recently moved  back to San Juan Capistrano and have found a new love for this cute town.

Dressing my daughter up is one of the perks of having a baby girl.  I love dressing her since I know eventually she won't allow me to dress her.  I'm sure most mommy's can relate.   I also had a mom that loved to dress me up and really dolled up with big puffy dresses...  Although the dresses were cute and frilly, I wish sometimes she would have toned it down a bit.  I still love you mom!

I found my army green vest at Target from the Who What Wear Collection this past Spring.  Clearly I love it because I can wear it year round.  Hence my excitement once I found Camilla's at Target about a month ago.  I bought it a size bigger so it can last a bit longer.  Her little vest is from Target's Oshkosh kids collection, I believe it was only $15.  Not to shabby for a kid's item.  Now we can have some fun twinning for this coming season!

These types of pieces are a great investment, they are so diverse yet practical.  Easy to throw on any ensemble and transform it.  I'm sure little Camilla will be wearing it with long-sleeves and leggings once it gets colder this Fall/Winter.  Target is a great spot for everything especially mommy friendly clothes.  I honestly love their kids clothing mostly, but once in a while I find key mommy pieces.  

The struggle is real-Little C wanting to walk around instead of taking a picture.  I don't blame her.

The struggle is real-Little C wanting to walk around instead of taking a picture.  I don't blame her.

Camilla is wearing;

Dress: Old Navy

Vest: Oshkosh at Target

Booties: Zara Kids

Bow: Gap Kids

I'm wearing;

Romber: Forever 21

Vest: Who What Wear at Target

Booties: Vince Camuto

This Cutie Pie Though....

This Cutie Pie Though....

Off the Shoulder

Hi guys, just wanted to share my #ootd look!  The Bardot neckline, also known as off the shoulder look, is trending right now.  I wanted to share a quick and mommy friendly way to use the off the shoulder tops.   This amazing striped top is from a little store I found, named Owl Fish.  Turns out Owl Fish has very reasonable prices,  any mommy loves that.   I loved the fact that the top was black (easy transitional piece for the fall) and has plenty of room.  I paired it up with my favorite black jeans and a neck choker.  Trends come and go, but don't be afraid to invest and try trends once in a while.  Have a little fun with them and just make it your own.

Besides the Bardot neckline  has actually been "in style" in the past as well.  Style icon, Brigitte Bardot made it very popular in the '50s.  That's the thing about fashion its mostly past styles reinvented.  The way I styled it with the square heel sandals makes it very easy to chase after Camilla (mommy friendly).  I know summer is coming to an end and it  might seem these tops are just made for the summer season.... Try to find one that transitions to the fall.  This black one I found has the perfect color tones and sleeves to use this Autumn.  Show a little bit of skin, just because we have the role of becoming a mommy doesn't mean we can't have fun!

Top: Owl Fish

Jeans:  Zara

Sandals: Dolce Vita

Choker: Zara


I’ve been MIA from blogging for a few months, but here I am!  I’ll give a “what I’ve been up to” post in the next few blogs.  But for now, lets talk about one of my dearest friends who designed her own t’shirt line.  Anybody who follows their dreams, has talent plus style, is a #coolperson in my book.  WHAT t’shirt line uses great fabrics and amazing graphics.  I love a great tee and being a mommy now, anything easy sounds fascinating to me.  

I teamed up with my love Jess this time around.   I wanted to showcase two different ways to style a T-shirt.   A 20 year old vs 30(plus) year old styles a T-shirt.  Jessica gave her WHAT        T-shirt a twist with paring it up with patterned pants and nude sandals to tone down the look a bit.  She gave it the more adventurous touch, perfect for a college girl on the go.

I love dressing up T-shirts with a pair of  jeans and pumps.   Zara has great fitting jeans for very reasonable prices.  If I have one tip for this coming season, invest in a great pair of jeans, wether black, blue or whatever color jeans you gravitate towards.  After you do that that, buy a second pair of that exact same fit. Fall is about to start so most stores are having sales, trying to make room for the new fall 2016 inventory. The black jeans I’m wearing, I found for $40, and are perfect to wear year round.  I'm always running around, I think more now than when I was single.  Jeans and T-shirt combo is always my go-to especially running after Camilla.  Of course with a decent pair of shoes to run around in.  

I always have a blast working with Jessica.  Wether a young girl on the go or a mommy on the go. Hope you enjoy our looks and get inspired with them to dress up your T'shirt!  Don't forget to check out my friend's T'shirt line WHAT!


Jessica is wearing;

T'shirt: WHAT

Patterend slacks: Forever 21

Sandals: Lola Shoetique

I'm wearing;

T'shirt: WHAT

Black Jeans: Zara

Choker: Zara

Pink Sandals: Lola Shoetique ($35, love this pair)